Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Eyewear Trend #2

Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Eyewear Trends: Oversized Sunglasses


Sometimes you just need to hide your look from the eyes of everyone and in this case it’s the big and opaque glasses that come to your rescue! Fortunately for you, the main design solutions of the season do include such sunglasses in the basic fashion trends, giving you an opportunity to reach your aim without losing the feel of style and modernism. The gorgeous alternatives from Karen Walker, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Christian Dior will be absolutely perfect for that and you just need to come up with the suitable combinations and play pairs for them in order to create the most ideal and impeccable compositions and looks. In the fashion shows of these fashion giants, for instance, these types of sunglasses were matched with the ultra-classic and stylish combos, spiced up with neomodern and extremely creative details and vibes, so you can follow these exemplars for inspiration too.

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